A man holds a black phone with a grey grip outsideA man holds a black phone with a grey grip outside

About Us

The story behind FlipGrip

Meet the Founder

Riley Snow founded FlipGrip in 2020 shortly after graduating college. He is a lifelong tinkerer and spends a copious amount of time reading articles and watching videos related to product design. FlipGrip was inspired by his love for innovation, and he has made it his mission to design products that are simple, useful, and beautiful.

About FlipGrip

FlipGrip was born during the quarantine of 2020. One day Riley became frustrated with the cumbersome experience of using his large smartphone. He scoured the internet for solutions, but didn't find any that struck a balance between, comfort, functionality, and visual appeal. As a recent college grad who had yet to establish a firm career path, he decided to see if he could design a better solution on his own. After two weeks of 3D printing prototypes, Riley stumbled across an "X" shaped design that was comfortable to hold and folded flat. He knew he had found a winner.

After 10 more months of development and hundreds of 3D printed prototypes, FlipGrip was finally ready to be released into the world. Riley went on to pre-sell about $27,000 worth of phone grips and mounts on Kickstarter in March of 2021. After countless manufacturing delays, FlipGrip's first batch was finally delivered in December of 2021. The product was well received by customers, and Riley went on to expand the FlipGrip team and make the necessary supply chain and manufacturing improvements necessary to increase production.

Today, the FlipGrip team continues to grow at its home base in Atlanta, Georgia. We look forward to releasing new and truly innovative smartphone accessories for years to come.